25 July 2007

3 Minutes


Anonymous said...

When i saw this blog it's remember me all the photos i made for my daughter when she was born.

I have similar blog and videoblog for my sons but do not publish to internet.

Love this blog!!!

Good Luck Joanha !!!!and family

Pepe, from spain.

Anonymous said...

I am Charles. I really like your idea of the Blog.I am looking forward to seeing your baby grow up.

ny12da said...

Very very good idea :)
i like it so much..
and i like your baby..

Mohammad Rafi said...

Hi Budy,

I was speech less for some time when i saw this blog. Please dont stop this work, keep blogging. Its a gift for ur cgildern. Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad.


your are a very good parents!! since the first time of her live you were with the camara ready!..

its so cute!...

Im pregnant and I would like make a page only for y baby like your... =)!

Raveendra said...

Your bloge recalled the day my daughter born. I'm also keeping a pictures of her since the very first day I saw her. She might proud of you when she grow up for this for sure! :)
Good work!
Cheers from Sri Lanka.

Nadeem Aslam Arain said...

i am NAdeem ASlam From Pakistan
i realy like your blog and your idea to save this not forgettable moments.
very good and very nice work.

Nadeem ASlam Arain
+92 300 3238138

Wada said...

i'm in love with this blog, is awesome <3 so sweet and lovely

Anonymous said...

i love ur blog very much...very nice blog...keep it up!

Imee said...

I'm Imee, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Your blog is amazing and I love it very much. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Your little girl has a beautiful and sharp eyes. May she become a blessing to others in her life.

God bless you and your family abundantly..

aruna said...

god bless u all.nice idea to keep the memories alive. it seems, u two (three) enjoy the life really and keep on living.
aruna from sri lanka

aruna said...

god bless u all.nice idea to keep memories alive.it seems u two (three) enjoy the life really.keep on blogging. keep on living.
aruna from sri lanka

Deepa said...

great idea..i will do the same once i have mine:)